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PC and Laptop Repairs Edinburgh

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We appreciate your PC and Laptop are an integral part of your day to day life and can be storing very important information and documents so not having your computer ready to go is a major inconvenience. With this is mind, we will repair your computer and have you up and running as quickly as possible.

We provide the full range of PC/Laptop repair services.

Computer Virus Removal Edinburgh

Got a virus on your computer?

No problem. We can clean your computer of all viruses and give you the best first hand advice to prevent further infections. We will completely remove all viruses and malware from your computer and install a secure platform to ensure you are kept safe.

Get in touch on 07853 605221 for virus remove services.

Slow PC or Laptop?

Is your computer running slow?

We can get your computer running at full speed and have you multi tasking again in no time at all. We can remove all unwanted programs that are clogging up your drives and also install new hardware to boost the performance of your PC. We will also give you our expert advice on how to keep your computer running at peak performance.

Get in touch on 07853 605221 for all computer issues.

Hardware Problems

Has your computer just stopped working and you dont know why?

No problem, get in touch on 07404 602734 and we will have your computer back to full fitness in no time at all! We can provide all types of computer repairs no matter what type of computer you have. We can replace any computer components from motherboards to speaker jacks on your PC case and anything in between.

Get in touch on 07404 602734 for all computer repairs. As with all of our services, the work and components provided is fully guaranteed for up to 28 days!